Sunday, January 30, 2022

$49 - Anubis 2.5 Builder (Hidden APK) Minehax Edition 2022
 Anubis 2.5 Builder (Hidden APK) Minehax Edition 2022

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Email and Hangouts:


feel free to contact us for questions!

$49 - Builder Only
$150 - With Playstore Bypass (Undetected Lifetime)

Product Name Price Payment
Anubis 2.5 APK Hidden Builder 2022
Anubis 2.5 APK Hidden Builder 2022 + Bypass Play Protect

Our Email:

Our Telegram: @minehax

Monday, January 10, 2022

$400 - Minehax X11 Banking Trojan Android | 270+ Banks and Wallets Supported **Weekly Updates**


Bank List and apps/crypto wallets:

Over 270+ Banks Supported Feel free to contact us to ask more questions..

Other Features:
Open Website in Google Chrome
Open Website Inside Virus
Get All Apps
Open Apps
Get all Contacts
Show notification
Message All Contacts
Hidden APK
Block SMS (All SMS only can see in Botnet)

Product Name Price Payment
Minehax X11 Botnet 2022
Minehax X11 Botnet 2022 + Play Protect

Our Email:

Our Telegram: @minehax

Friday, November 19, 2021

$399 - Minehax Android Crypter 2022 Bypass Google Play Protect!


New Minehax Android Crypter 2022
$100 - 1 Month
$200 - 3 Months
$399 - Lifetime (Daily Updates)

Telegram Channel:
Telegram: @minehax

Video Preview:

Monday, March 1, 2021

$400 - New Android Botnet 2021 (Bypass Google Play Protect)

2022 HERE :
(Happy New Year!)
- Minehax Team China 2010-2022

Friday, October 2, 2020

$299 - Minehax Word Exploit - SUPER FUD (DAILY UPDATES) Private Edition
Coming Soon!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

$200 - 12 Phrase Blockchain Hack 2020 Update Every Week
Hack Bitcoins With This New Minehax Tool

How it works?

There is a page where it says you win free (BTC) and the victim will put their 12 Phrase Recovery Words in the site that we will make for you and you can hack their bitcoins with out their computer or phone (SMS OTP) its very easy you can email us ( if you have any question about it.
Product Name Price Payment

Blockchain 12 Phraise Hack 2020



Monday, January 27, 2020

$25 - Minehax Crypter

SEMI-FUD Version 3.0 ($25 - 6 Months)
Weekly Updates... 


Product Name Price Payment

Minehax Crypter 2020 - Semi FUD



Thursday, January 2, 2020

$15 - Paypal Hack Virus (Advance Code)

How it works?

It will infect the website and all the email and password that the victim puts will send to your email address.

Product Name Price Payment

Paypal Hack Virus


YouTube Video:

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

$5 - MineHax Ransomware (Advance Edition)

Lock computers and Earn Money!
NOTE: We will send the ransomware to your email after payment (ONE BUILD $5) 
Or get the $30 Ransomware Builder to build unlimited Lockers!
Product Name Price Payment

Ransomware Builder


Just One Build


Saturday, November 23, 2019

$5 - Bitcoin Stealer (Advance Code)
Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero Stealer
Product Name Price Payment

Bitcoin Stealer (No Protection)


Bitcoin Stealer + AV Protection


BTC Stealer + AV Protect + Control PC (HACK)


Sunday, November 3, 2019

$1 USD - Clicker


Get the script for only $1 USD Very working Method let say you need to go to work and all you need to do is run the script and leave your computer alone collecting bitcoins for you, lets say if you can earn 40 satoshi's every hour "times 24 hours = 960 a day x 30 = 28800 satoshi's in a month" which is 2.64 USD a month... let say you have 5 computers and diffirent ip address then you will make 13.2 USD a month which is a huge profit without doing anything at all.

Product Name Price Payment Clicker

$1 (0.35 FEE)

Code and Download link will be send to your email after payment.
$5 - Monero Minergate Virus (SILENT MINER)

Monero silent miner is a virus that you can use to infect other computers and the computers that you Infected will become your miners.

Monero Minergate Virus 
(Install to any computer and Start Earning Money)

Product Name Price Payment

Minergate Silent Miner


Note: After Paying with bitcoin we will send a download link to your email that you provided.